We provide tuition services for Primary and Secondary school students. We can benefit students by helping them to excel in their studies. Some students are academically weak and uncertain about how to improve themselves. We want to help these students to unleash their hidden potential and shine brightly. Most of the tuition center put students of different academic levels in the same class. Thus, students learn at different paces. Slower students will be lacking behind. At BrightFuture, we make sure that this flaw does not happen and we will cater to every student’s needs so that parents hard earned money will not be wasted. Our Tuition fees are reasonable. Tutors put themselves into students’ shoes and understand their problems. We are very effective in our teaching methods. Our tutors are always at their zenith.

A B O U T    B R I G H T F U T U R E


The current CEO of BrightFuture is Tan Wei Chao. BrightFuture tuition centre is established since 1999. Our tuition centre is a 5 minutes walk from Clementi Station MRT. We have the largest database of active high quality tutors in Singapore. We take very special care to make sure each parent and child is happy and satisfied with the tutor and lessons they receive. We believe that all students have the potential to excel, regardless of the individual’s ability. Our tuition fees are reasonable and affordable. We gotten many positive feedbacks from parents and children on our teaching effectiveness. At BrightFuture, we strive to unleash every student’s potential to the fullest.

Convenience: 10/10
Effectiveness: 10/10

O U R    T U I T I O N    L E S S O N S

Our tuition lessons are conducted in small classes (maximum 20 students) to promote effective and efficient learning for students. We believe that this can allow lesser distractions as compared to a larger class of students. With that, tutors are able to better focus and cater to specific students in need. Students from different primary/secondary schools can also interact and socialise with one another by sharing knowledge among themselves. It is definitely a relaxed environment for students to learn in.

Efficiency: 10/10
Productiveness: 10/10


S T U D E N T S'    A C H I E V E M E N T S


We are very proud and happy to showcase the achievements of students part of BrightFuture. We would like to congratulate our students for their superb performance in their academic. Join BrightFuture! you might become the next one in the year list!

Derrick Lee 16, (Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship Award 2016)
Kelvin Tan 15, (Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship Award 2016)
Wei Qi Lim, (Edusave (Independent Schools) Yearly Awards 2016)
Jeslyn Chan 16, (Edusave (Independent Schools) Yearly Awards 2016)